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Natal Wellness 

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Our mission at Natal Wellness, is to modernise the traditional approach to antenatal and postnatal education and lead the way in the industry by providing our clients with a one-of-a-kind experience that caters to their unique needs. At every step of the way, we aim to create an environment that is nurturing, supportive, and inspiring so that our clients can feel confident and empowered as they prepare to welcome their little ones into the world.

We pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to education, which is a breath of fresh air in a landscape where isolated, one-size-fits-all classes tend to dominate. We understand that every mother, Father, family & child is unique, and we want to provide them with a tailored experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.​

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Here at Natal Wellness, we aim to modernise antenatal and postnatal education by providing unique and tailored experiences for clients. We offer nurturing and holistic education to empower families, standing out in a landscape of one-size-fits-all classes. Contact us and speak to our qualified midwife for expert care and support.

Antenatal & Postnatal services

Baby & Toddler Services 

Here at Natal Wellness our Baby & Toddler Services offer comprehensive care for Parents & young children. From newborns to 18 months, our trained and experienced staff provide nurturing and developmentally appropriate classes in a safe, clean, and engaging environment. We provide courses & classes tailored to meet the needs of babies & children, with opportunities for learning and play. Our goal is to create a comfortable and secure environment in which parents and children can learn and bond together. 

Baby Massage Class


Our Baby Massage class is designed to help new parents learn how to massage and bond with their babies. Our certified instructors will guide you through gentle and safe massage techniques that can soothe your baby's muscles, reduce stress and help improve infant sleep. Our class is ideal for infants between 6 weeks to 18 months old. Join our class today to learn how to strengthen the bond between you and your baby!

Lights & Delights 6 months - 15 months

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Introduce your little one to a world of sensory delights during our Lights & Delights crawlers & cruzers session. Designed specifically for babies who are on the move, whether crawling or cruising, this sensory experience will captivate and engage your little one's senses. Join us and watch your baby's eyes light up with wonder and joy.

Lights & Delights Birth - 6 months


Delight your non-moving baby with our Lights & Delights baby class at Natal Wellness. This specialised session is tailored for babies who aren't yet on the go and provides a unique sensory experience for both parent and child. Join us for a memorable and engaging class designed to spark joy in your little one.

Reaching Milestones Class


This class is a fun and interactive way to help babies develop their core muscles and coordination. Our experienced instructors will guide you and your baby through a series of age-appropriate exercises and games that promote strength, balance, and motor skills. Through the reaching milestones class, your baby will also have the opportunity to socialise with other babies and parents in a wonderful sensory environment, helping them to build important social skills and friendships. Join us for a fun filled class and watch your baby grow stronger, happier, and healthier!

Natal Tots Mess Makers

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Unleash your little one's creativity with Natal Tots Mess Makers! Our fun, safe, and edible messy play sensory sessions are designed for babies of weaning age to 15 months. Each session offers different activities each week in a nurturing environment with small class sizes. Join us for a stimulating and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby!

Abby Hickinbotham

abby hickinbotham antenatal postnatal support baby classes Breastfeeding support

Meet Abby, Founder of Natal Wellness and Qualified Midwife. Abby is passionate about her work, with qualifications in midwifery, antenatal and postnatal teaching, breastfeeding instruction, baby massage and tummy time, and paediatric first aid training. She has also been blessed with two beautiful children of her own. Abby is excited about providing new and expecting parents with the knowledge and support they need to make informed decisions during pregnancy, labour and beyond. 

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