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Leane Fletcher 


We are delighted to announce that Leane has recently joined the Natal Wellness team as our very own Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) specialist. Leane is the owner is Nurturing Needs, you can find out more about her services on the Nurturing Needs page. Leane brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be invaluable in helping us better serve our families. Leane offers informative sessions for parents as well as bespoke classes designed to meet the needs of neurodiverse children and those with SEND. 

Leane is passionate about supporting neurodivergent children, sessions are designed to meet the various, unique needs of children. She is also skilled in providing parents with the resources and insight to navigate the world of parenting a child with SEND and her training is specialised in supporting autistic children and their families. Leane's work is grounded in therapeutic approaches that aim to develop strengths and nurture the needs of children. Leane has an impressive track record of working with neurodivergent children and their families, and her wealth of experience and knowledge will be a great asset to our team. Leane has a broad knowledge of the SEND sector and understands the challenges faced. Leane is a strong advocate for inclusion and the celebration of diversity and is committed to ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to succeed. We are thrilled to have Leane on board and look forward to seeing the positive difference she will make to our organisation. With her expertise and enthusiasm, we are confident that she will be a valuable addition to the Natal Wellness team. Leane currently works exclusively at the Natal Wellness base, further information can be found on her dedicate page, Nurturing Needs. 

Leane's Services 

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