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Sally Elliott 

Antenatal postnatal therapy
Antenatal postnatal therapy

Let me introduce Sally, a qualified therapist, accredited coach, and full-time working mum, with two toddler boys. She has extensive experience helping women and families adjust to the changes that come with becoming parents. 
Sally has spent her career dedicated to improving people’s health and is a strong believer in a problem shared can be a problem halved.
Both Sally’s pregnancies and births were challenging and since becoming a mum, she is even more passionate about supporting others to be as confident and happy as possible.
Every person who’s about to have a new born, will have different experiences & thoughts about adjusting to life with a new baby, Sally is here to support mums, dads, guardians & caregivers in all walks of life, who are about to embark on this next chapter.
Sally’s approach is person-centred, which simply means you will be supported to explore challenges/difficulties with upmost empathy, confidentiality & a safe environment to do so.
Sally has a varied portfolio and several qualifications in different evidence-based practices. A few examples of the support she can offer is cognitive-behavioural coping strategies, mindfulness, solution-focused brief therapy, bereavement, resilience, generalised anxiety support and much more.
With her compassionate and understanding style, Sally is a valuable addition to the Natal Wellness team, we are delighted to have her onboard.

Sally's Services 

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